Entwicklung des TYPO3 Install Tools 2.0 gestoppt


In einem Blog-Beitrag hat Thomas Hempel erklärt, dass er das Projekt zur Entwicklung eines neuen Install Tools für TYPO3 gestoppt hat. Dieses Tool hätte ursprünglich Bestandteil von TYPO3 4.2 sein sollen und war in der Alpha-Version bereits enthalten, schaffte es dann aber – zu meinem grossen Bedauern – nicht in die finale Version.

Die entscheidende Passage aus der Ankündigung von Thomas Hempel:

«Today I officially stop the installer project. This means, that the project will not be finished by me. This does not mean that project is dead but I can’t give an estimation if and when it will be finished.


It’s basically a personal decision. Most of the things I have done for TYPO3 where on a voluntary base. I got nothing for it. That is okay because I never did it for the money. But now I recognized, that it influenced my private life in such a dramatic way that I can’t accept. I lived in steady situation of stress, anger and time pressure. I can not handle the responsibility anymore.»

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